Dry Skin and Magnesium

Just about everything your body does for proper functioning uses magnesium. This ranges from the use of calcium for your heart, bones and healthy teeth, to your ability to digest and absorb nutrients. Somehow this vital nutrient has been overlooked.

Our diets do not give us a sufficient amount of magnesium, and its agreed upon by the medical community that about 75 percent of us are deficient in magnesium. Even if we increased our intake of magnesium rich foods we may not be able to absorb enough because of the harm done to our digestive tract by that deficiency.

How do we deal with this deficiency of magnesium? One way is through the health of our skin. Dry skin can indicate a magnesium deficiency. You can improve the condition of your skin as well as bring more of this vital electrolyte into the body through application on the skin of a transdermal magnesium oil or gel.

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