Magnesium Aids Digestion

Dr. John Briffa says:

I remember once attending a nutritional therapy course for doctors in the US, in which one of the facilitators (Dr Jonathan Wright) said, “If it spasms, think magnesium” (or something similar). And this sagely piece of advice was based on the idea that low levels of magnesium in the body tend to cause muscle to go into spasm. This might include so-called ‘smooth’ muscle in, say, the digestive tract, bladder on in the walls of the arteries. It might also include ‘skeletal’ muscle, say, in the legs. Ever since hearing learning this I’ve used magnesium generally very effectively to treat conditions like muscular cramps, ‘restless legs’, irritable bladder syndrome and oesophageal spasm.

So, with this I mind I suggested that my family member supplement with magnesium to see if this helps his symptoms. In short, it did. Within a day or two of taking magnesium, the epigastric discomfort that had plagued him on a daily basis for years disappeared, and has seemingly not returned some 10 days later.

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