Magnesium Oil – Make Your Own


I am often asked a question: “How can I make my own magnesium oil? What would be the ratio of water to the flakes?”

Here is what my supplier who is a scientist says:

“The flakes are 47% magnesium chloride, and about 50.5% water. A 33%
solution means that there will be 33% magnesium chloride.

So, 100 grams of flakes (which contain 50.5 grams of water) will need an
extra 42 grams of water
. (1g of water equals 1ml of water)

The 47 grams of magnesium chloride will then be dissolved in 142 grams of
solution, giving the 33% strength that is required.

This can be scaled up to a convenient batch size – every kilogram of flakes
will require 420 grams of water to be added.”

Dry and sensitive skin types may react to such a highly concentrated solution, by getting dry and irritated. If this is the case, magnesium oil can be diluted with water even further, to make a solution suitable for the skin type.

Good luck with it!

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