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10 Natural Antidepressants to Boost Your Spirits. Role of Magnesium in Preventing & Treating Depression

While the large majority of people can adjust to the seasonal changes thanks to the body’s adaptive mechanisms, and just go with it naturally, there is no secret that some… Read more »

Magnesium Chloride vs Magnesium Sulphate

I have been asked many times about the differences between magnesium chloride and magnesium sulphate, commonly known as Epsom Salts. There is a great article a bout it written by… Read more »

Winter Blues – How Magnesium Can Help

Most of us suffer form an energy slump in winter. Much of it is due to our biological cycles and adaptation mechanisms. The body has to ensure our survival in… Read more »

Bishofit – Magnesium Oil from Russia

Bishofit is a name for magnesium chloride salt which was formed millions of years ago as a result of evaporation of ancient seas. It lies deep underground – and is… Read more »

Magnesium Chloride in Acute & Chronic Diseases – Raul Vergini, M.D.

By Raul Vergini, M.D. Back in 1915, a French surgeon, Prof. Pierre Delbet, M.D., was looking for a solution to cleanse wounds, because he had found out that the traditional… Read more »