The Bliss of Magnesium Foot Baths


In this short post I would like to share with you how magnesium foot baths are helping my daughter and me with our aches and pains.


It just happens that both of us have been having problems with our feet lately. In my case it has been my right ankle which I twisted some time ago,  so the ankle has been feeling achy and weak for a while.


As for my daughter, she has been having problems with her toes and soles of the feet for the past 2 months.  I think she may have some problems in her joints and ligaments, due to being an enthusiastic walker. I took her to our GP only to be given a leaflet with instructions on how to care for the feet, what shoes to wear, etc.


So we decided to start taking magnesium foot baths every night. It has paid off remakably quickly – I don’t feel the pain in my ankle anymore.  As for my daughter,  her feet are so much better now that she has become addicted to foot baths and asks for it every night before going off to bed.


We now take our foot baths every night. Not only we have the feeling of weightlessness in the feet after a bath like this, but the feeling of relaxation is incredible, and we sleep all night without waking up.

I have been using magnesium chloride – about 250-300g per foot bath (about 5 litres of water). The water has to be as hot as it is possible to bear, since the temperature helps with magnesium absorption.


Foot baths are also a wonderful way to supplement magnesium transdermally, in an enjoyable and fairy economical way.  If you don’t have magnesium chloride, then magnesium sulphate – Epsom salt – is just as good.


Such foot baths are not only therapeutic, but very relaxing for feet and the whole body, especially after a long day at work or walking in town.  One of theose life’s pleasures which don’t cost a small fortune, and are definitely worth remembering!


All information provided in this article should be treated as information only. Please do not resort to self-treatment. Consult a medical practitioner if you are suffering from any medical conditions.


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