Magnesium for Toothache & Sore Gums

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Magnesium for Tootheache and Sore GumsI have just received feedback from a customer who has been using magnesium oil to help relieve toothache after a root canal treatment. This is what she wrote (reprinted with her permission):

“I had a root canal treatment and used some on my toothbrush as i cleaned as it was aching. I woke up next day and the pain had gone. Its so great!”

“Hello, re the blog –

“I forgot to say – after brushing my teeth with it – I went to bed – I woke up early and my jaw was sore from the anesthetic and jaw lock from keeping it wide open – I sprayed some mag oil on and went back to bed and when I woke up the stiffness was gone.

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Marneta Viegas
Director Relax Kids – As seen on BBC Dragons’ Den”
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I am delighted with Marneta’s progress. She has also embarked on a detox regime, and part of it is going to involve an infrared thermal blanket and clays/ magnesium very soon (with the Minerals Wraps I have developed). I am looking forward to receiving her feedback regarding it as soon as she starts using the blanket.

Magnesium has wonderful relaxing and pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties which can be felt almost immediately when a magnesium salt is used. This explains its therapeutic action on sore gums and painful teeth.

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